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Hi Friends,

The Fun-A-Day site is now a wiki, which means you can add your show, add your project, post pictures, share materials, and get in touch with each other directly. We hope this helps decentralize the project and enables you to make Fun-A-Day your own. Register an account and click on the editing links to the right to get started. If you want to add your own show page, check out the wiki's documentation to see how. Let us know how it goes!

<3 the artclash collective

tenth annual fun-a-day

Fun-a-Day starts January 1st, 2014! Pick a project, do it every day in January and show your work in a group show the following month. If you would like to start a show in your city, check out our quick start guide and add your show to the 2014 list below. Feel free to start posting your project ideas at the bottom of this page.

Thank you to all the participants of the 9th Annual Fun-A-Day project. Last January, artists in more than 20 cities chose a project (take a photograph, make the bed, draw a picture, bake a cake, etc.) to do every day in January. Browse our photo archives for images of past events and see the list below for show details.

2015 SHOWS

2014 SHOWS

Baltimore, This year's show is at: Gallery788, 3602 Hickory Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21212
Boston - Opening Reception FEB 21st 7-9pm at Voltage Coffee & Art | 295 3rd. St. Kendall Square | Cambridge MA 02142 (Show runs FEB 17th to APRIL 5th)
Madison - First ever Madison Fun-A-Day! We're doing the projects in February and having the show Saturday, March 8th 6pm at Rainbow Books
Dubuque, IA - Project is in February, show is in March at the Dubuque Area Arts Collective!
Fun-A-Day Philadelphia @ Studio 34 Yoga|Healing|Arts
Lansdale, PA Third annual!
Pittsburgh - Show opens March 7, 2014 at the Mr Roboto Project.
Reseda, CA. SoCal. First Fun-A-Day in LA!
Hudson Valley, NY- First time in the Hudson Valley! Opening February 15th, 5-9pm at The Art Riot, Kingston, NY
Charlottesville, VA– First annual!
Portland, ME The show will be Feb. 14, 5-7 at Zero Station.
Port Angeles, WA @ Studio Bob on Feb 1, 2014
Dundee, Scotland Fun-A-Day continues in Scotland!
Santa Cruz, CA– The show will be at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, opening Friday Feb. 7th. Participants must deliver their work to the MAH on February 1st, 9am-5pm.
Warwick, Rhode Island - Fun A Day Warwick (Rhode Island) 1st time show! Artist's reception will be held at the Warwick Public Library on Saturday, March 8, 1-4pm, Sandy Lane, Warwick, RI -
Fun-A-Day Online A virtual event for those who want to share their work online.

2013 SHOWS

Albuquerque; Athens, OH; Baltimore; Boston; Brooklyn; Buffalo; Burlington, VT; Carrboro, NC; Chicago; Christchurch, New Zealand; Columbia, MO; Deer Isle, ME; Dubuque, IA; Dundee, Scotland; Lansdale, PA; London; Mancos, CO; Montréal; Oakland @ Rock Paper Scissors; Philadelphia; Pittsburgh, PA; Portland, ME; Providence, RI; Santa Cruz, CA; Savannah, GA; Washington DC; West Dean, West Sussex, England

what’s your fun-a-day project?

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