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2016 SHOWS

Boston 7th Annual Fun-A-Day is here again. Show details to come.

Delaware, 5th Annual Fun-A-Day - This year's show is at: The Delaware Contemporary, Wilmington. Registration opened in November, project takes place in January and the show will take place on February 5th (Wilmington Art Loop).

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: project makin' in feb / show (with details TBA) in march.

Hudson Valley 3rd annual Fun-A-Day Hudson Valley, show at The Barnabas/Boom, Baby! Boutique. Opening party on Friday, February 12th!

Montreal, Quebec - Website here and Facebook event here.

Philadelphia The 12th Annual Fun-A-Day show in its hometown, Philadelphia! Once again hosted by Studio 34 Yoga/Healing/Arts! Two big days: February 12 & 13, 2016! Check out the submission guide!

Pittsburgh The 9th Annual Fun-A-Day Pittsburgh! Generously hosted by TechShop on February 6 and 7, 2016! Two big days: February 12 & 13, 2016!

Portland, Maine - Back for 2016! Hosted by First Parish Portland UU Church. Show on 2/5 for Friday Art Walk.

Providence, RI Fun-A-Day returns to Providence on Thursday, Feb 4!

Reseda, CA This year's show will be held at Reseda Neighborhood Council Space, 18118 Sherman Way, Reseda CA on Fri & Sat Feb 19 & 20 and Fri & Sat Feb 26 & 27.

San Francisco - Please add your name here if you plan to show. UPDATE: The venue I was hoping to use is non-responsive. If you know of a space in SF/Oakland that is BART accesible, ideally where the work could go up in February and stay up for a while, please message me at tim atsign narwhalcreative period com

Traverse City, MI - 5th annual! We do our project in Feb and share in March.

2015 SHOWS


Baltimore, This year's show is at: Gallery788 (The new permanent home for Baltimore's Fun-A-Day!!), 3602 Hickory Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21212. Registration opens in December and will be announced via the Facebook group. our making month is January and the show open in March!

Boston Celebrating our 6th year in Boston!


Chicago Location TBA!

Delaware, This year's show is at: Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts, Wilmington. Registration opens in January, project in February and the show will take place in March.

Dundee, Scotland, UK This year's show will be at Wasps MeadowMill Exhibition Space in Dundee. Opening is 6pm on Saturday 7 February 2015.

Hudson Valley 2nd annual Fun-A-Day Hudson Valley, show at The Art Riot in mid-February!

Lansdale, PA Come join us Friday February 27th at the North Penn Social Hall (141 S Main St North Wales) 7-11pm.

Madison, WI - 2nd annual Madison Fun-A-Day - create in February - Show at Rainbow Books on S. Gilman St. Saturday March 21st 3-7pm. Contact Ryan through batkie[at] with any inquiries.


Philadelphia The 11th Annual Fun-A-Day show in its hometown, Philadelphia! Once again hosted by Studio 34 Yoga/Healing/Arts! Want to be in the show? Check out the submission guide.


Portland, Maine | 5th Fun-A-Day for Portland, Maine. Web-page soon.

Reseda, CA on March 14 at 11:11 ACC Gallery

Stockholm, Sweden Fun-A-Day has spread across the sea! Stockholm's 2nd annual Fun-A-Day will be happening during the month of February. The show will be on March 14th, location to be announced shortly.

Washington DC This year's show will be at Petworth Library on February 5 from 7-8:30 p.m. Fill out this form to participate.

Fun-A-Day Online An ongoing virtual Fun-A-Day event for artists from everywhere to share and showcase their work. Please allow a few days for your artist page to be created and your login to be sent to you.

2014 SHOWS

2013 SHOWS

Albuquerque; Athens, OH; Baltimore; Boston; Brooklyn; Buffalo; Burlington, VT; Carrboro, NC; Chicago; Christchurch, New Zealand; Columbia, MO; Deer Isle, ME; Dubuque, IA; Dundee, Scotland; Lansdale, PA; London; Mancos, CO; Montréal; Oakland @ Rock Paper Scissors; Philadelphia; Pittsburgh, PA; Portland, ME; Providence, RI; Santa Cruz, CA; Savannah, GA; Washington DC; West Dean, West Sussex, England; Wilmington, DE.

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