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An Incomplete List of Fun-A-Day Press:

Ella Feldman, DCist, “13 Virtual And IRL Things To Do Around D.C. This New Year’s Weekend,” December 29, 2022

Rachel Swan, East Bay Express, “What a Difference a Day Makes”, February 3, 2010

Justin Gillett, San Francisco Chronicle, Visual Arts, “Everyday Art”, February 26, 2009

Silke Tudor, San Francisco Weekly, “Everyday Art”, February 25, 2009

Peter Crimmins, Philadelphia Weekly, Online Feature: A&E, “31 Days”, February 17, 2009

Kelly White, Philadelphia City Paper, Arts Agenda Picks, “Just Do It”, December 27, 2006

Alex Orgera, Philadelphia City Paper, Artpicks, “Those Were the Days,” February 9, 2006

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