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 [[http://​]] [[http://​]]
 +[[http://​|Washington,​ DC]]
 +The 7th annual Fun-a-Day DC!
 +Thinking about participating this year?​[[http://​​funadaydc2020|Sign up here!]] ​
 +Showcase Sunday February 9, 2020 from 1pm-4pm at [[https://​​maps/​j2xGgNhkBtDUUBN7A|Rhizome DC]]
 +For more info you can find us on [[https://​​funadaydc/​|Instagram]] or [[https://​​funadaydc/​|Facebook]] or [[http://​​​|Rhizome DC]]
 +here comes fun![[http://​]]
 +[[https://​​funadayla/​|Long Beach, CA]]
 +The 4th annual Fun-A-Day LA now in Long Beach!
 +[[https://​​fadla2020|Join in the fun! Sign up here!]] ​
 +Show location: [[http://​​|blu Prints Gallery]] 300 E 4th St Unit 104 Long Beach CA 90802
 +Show dates: Soft Opening/​install January 31 (2-7pm), Opening February 1 (11am-7pm), Closing Party/​deinstall February 2 (2-6pm)
 +For more info you can find us on [[https://​​funadayla/​|Facebook]] or [[https://​​amybauerdesigns/​|Instagram]] [[http://​​fun-a-day-la]]
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