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 +=====Fun-A-Day 2021=====
 +{{ :​fad04.jpg?​nolink&​500 }}
 +-Fun-A-Day starts on January 1, 2021! The challenge is simple: pick a creative project and work on it everyday in the month of January! Anything goes- draw a picture, bake a cake, record a song, make the bed - art is what you make it, use your creativity to go wild!
 +Fun-A-Day has existed since 2005, and normally there is an Art Show, graciously hosted by [[http://​​|Studio 34 Yoga]]. There will be no show this year due to COVID-19, and we feel like the decentralized,​ chaotic beauty of the community coming together to share creative work can not be adequately replicated online. ​
 +Instead we encourage everyone to participate in a daily creative practice, and most importantly,​ to use our ingenuity to foster our connections to friends, family, and community in real life, away from a screen, all while Staying Safe and respecting each other'​s boundaries! Real life is where the magic of creation happens; screens help us connect and communicate. We don't have a formula for seeing friends while staying safe, but the level of imaginativeness on display in the community through the years fuels our hope that we can figure it out!
 +Connecting online is still important, so use the hashtag #FAD2021 on social media to follow along with everyone doing a project. There are also multiple cities hosting Fun-A-Day shows online- fell free to participate in any or all of the following:
 +[[https://​​|Fun-A-Day DC]]
 +Follow Fun-A-Day DC on [[https://​​funadaydc/​|Facebook]] and [[https://​​funadaydc/​|Instagram]]
 +[[http://​​fun-a-day-la|Fun-A-Day LA]]
 +Follow Fun-A-Day LA on [[https://​​funadayla/​|Facebook]]
 +[[https://​​|Fun-A-Day Dundee]]
 +Follow Fun-A-Day Dundee on [[https://​​FunaDayDundee|Facebook]] and [[https://​​funadaydundee/​|Instagram]]
 +No matter how you participate,​ we encourage you to have fun and make art.
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